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Thief Of Light: A Novel David Ramus

Thief Of Light: A Novel

David Ramus

Published August 1st 1997
ISBN : 9780060176648
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 About the Book 

Read about this author in a magazine from the 90’s while waiting for my taxes to be re-done in Mike Metropole’s office, PA.The significant thing is the image and story of the author being as, if not more, striking than the actual work/book. Same as, A Confederacy of Dunces, not that these two books should be compared. But that is what sells me. This guy was a heroin addict and a gambling art dealer and hit rock bottom and went through several divorces. The story of John Kennedy Toole… Anyway-Her bed was rumpled and warm. I drew her to me, kissed her again and got lost in her lips. She tasted like she smelled, of spice and sunlight, and the sea. We were gentle, tentative. We explored, and stroked, finding each other’s rhythms and sensitive places. Aroused, we grew more sure of each other. When I entered her she murmured something, and without hearing her words, I understood. We moved together. I felt her rising to me as if to draw me deeper inside her. As her nipples hardened against my chest she twisted her fingers in my hair and urged me on. Her legs spread wide and she pushed herself up at me, all slippery heat. She called my name, then opened her eyes and looked into mine. She was ready. My world filled with incandescence and white noise, and I exploded inside her.…Then we kissed, and I kew that I had discovered something. I couldn’t explain it or put it into words. But some part of me that had been murky and confused became clear. Then I drifted off to sleep, all tangled up with Dev. From p. 118.Not bad. But, after wavering back and forth on whether or not this was a good book or good writing, in the end, I decided, it’s trashy. The first person is often times too cute – (something to be aware of) – and the whole thing is completely out of touch with reality – (another thing to be acutely aware of). 12/25/2007.