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Imitation of Life Fannie Hurst

Imitation of Life

Fannie Hurst

Kindle Edition
352 pages
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 About the Book 

A bestseller in 1933, and subsequently adapted into two films, Imitation of Life has played a role in ongoing conversations about race, femininity, and the American Dream. Bea Pullman, a white single mother, and her African American maid, Delilah Johnston, also a single mother, rear their daughters together and become business partners. Combining Beas business savvy with Delilahs irresistible southern recipes, they build an Aunt Jemima-like waffle business and an international restaurant empire. Yet their public success brings them little happiness. Bea is torn between her responsibilities as a businesswoman and those of a mother- Delilah is devastated when her light-skinned daughter, Peola, moves away to pass as white. Imitation of Life struck a chord in the 1930s, and it continues to resonate powerfully today.