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Nothing Is Ever Lost Barbara Smith Lavalley

Nothing Is Ever Lost

Barbara Smith Lavalley

Published August 12th 2014
ISBN : 9781496931726
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 About the Book 

A little child, Rachel, worries about loss while living with her family in a white and blue house. She imagines the worst each time a person or toy precious to her is not in sight. Her mama teaches her through a code phrase, ?Nothing is ever lost, ? that people and toys are always within reach and that a familys hearts are as one.When Rachel dies, her family is sad and scared. It is her turn to remind them that she is still with them. God allows her to reach out to them by bringing a song to her brothers heart and a hug to her mama. This brings new hope to the family, and Rachel shouts from heaven that ?nothing is ever lost.?In the end, Rachel pets her cat, Mittens, who is with her now, and even from heaven plays a familiar game with her mama that stretches across time and loss. She and her family realize that they will always be together, even though they cant see one another in the worldly sense, and that God is good. He cares when we are afraid and cannot find our hearts.