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Thou Shalt Not Colleen D. Jeans

Thou Shalt Not

Colleen D. Jeans

Published February 19th 2007
ISBN : 9781425112264
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 About the Book 

Thou Shalt Not is a powerful and captivating story of a young girl growing up during the post war years. Her struggle provides an in-depth look at a social structure whose values and morals have a profound effect on children and parents.Her sexual battle with her grandfather and the physical abuse at the hands of her father convinced her that adulthood and sin were the equation of growing up. One is presented with the explosive and shocking experiences that she faced in a world with double standards involving conflict between the church and family values.Her inability in understanding how adults practiced the sins on the forbidden list every day and the mere head bending moments of sincerity and confession could wipe the slate clean.Her dares and inquisitiveness shocked the parish priest and adults who dared blame their sins on her.Thou Shalt Not is a story of a childs ability to see beyond the abusers act, her many endearing life experiences and her awareness that her strength to forgive was a gift essential for survival. It is about love and forgiveness and the ability that everyone has to recognize their true value in life. TSN reveals the curiosity and stamina a child possesses and her relentless search for her place in the world. The ability she had to rid herself of the parasitical destructive events enabling her to push forward along with her endless struggle to get to the other end of the tunnel without leaving her meaning of life in the trenches.Her insatiable bargains with her creator and how she inhaled the beauty of nature, laughter and forgiveness and used them as crutches for her survival. This book is sure to captivate the reader and providean excellent story on overcoming lifes challenges.