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Bringing Stella Home (Gaia Nova) Joe Vasicek

Bringing Stella Home (Gaia Nova)

Joe Vasicek

Kindle Edition
318 pages
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 About the Book 

HELL GO TO THE ENDS OF THE GALAXY TO SAVE HIS BROTHER AND SISTER.The New Gaian Empire is crumbling. An undefeatable enemy from the outer reaches is sweeping across the frontier stars, slagging worlds and sowing chaos. Soon, they will threaten the very heart of civilized space.James McCoy never thought he would get caught up in the Hameji wars. The youngest son of a merchanter family, he just wants the same respect as his older brother and sister. But when the Hameji battle fleets conquer his home world and take them away from him, all of that is shattered forever.No prisoner has ever escaped from the Hameji alive, but James isnt going to let that stop him. Hell do whatever it takes to save his family—even if it means losing everything in the process.A 110,000 word (280-320 page) novel of Gaia Nova. Other books in the Gaia Nova universe include:SHOLPANDESERT STARSSTAR WANDERERSSTARS OF BLOOD AND GLORY (forthcoming)WARNING: Contains some adult content including torture, gun violence, rape, and sexual themes. If this were a movie, it would probably be rated PG-13.