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Stop Internet Marketing Without A Parachute Stoney Rush

Stop Internet Marketing Without A Parachute

Stoney Rush

Published November 28th 2013
Kindle Edition
54 pages
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 About the Book 

Stop Internet Marketing Without A Parachute is brought to you by Stoney Rush. Blah, blah, blah.....Look, if you are planning on TRYING to make money on the fuckin Internet, then you need to get my book. Get Stop Internet Marketing Without A Parachute AFTER you get all of those .99 books that you do not read. Ill give you some rEal InforMatiOn (Did you read that without skipping a beat?) about my experiences.I know youre just dying for me to tell you whats is this book really about. Sure I can tell you about all of the lovely things youll find inside...but whats the point. Shit, If you dont like it, Im sure Amazon can give you a refund or something plus my credibility will be screwed and I do plan on writing more freakin books.So do yourself a favor and download this book today and fuckin read it...you wont be diappointed.P.S. Inside the book I include a link to my latest website where you can subscribe for free. This will allow me to send you BIG TIME MONEY MAKING OFFERS and OPPORTUNITIES that 90% of the public are not even aware of yet. Groundfloor shit.No, I wont be sending you a thousand emails everyday..maybe 1 or 2 a week...only shit that I believe in.Okay, Ill give you something:Although, initially, made for the Experienced, without a doubt, Newbies will feel very comfortable as I explain this shit in my own fuckin words. Ill warn you all, of some of the Pitfalls that one will encounter when playing this game for any length of time. The goal here is to Fight on and to never give up!Stop Internet Marketing... was initially, made for the Frustrated Experienced Internet Marketer, (like I was) who is constantly trying to burst through the barriers that are holding them back, to achieve a certain kind of level, via the Internet Marketing Arena.This book was not written for children and Ill Unveil some of the B.S. that the, so called, Gurus would have us all believe.Okay, some fuckin Chapters:Chapter 01….. What this is notChapter 02….. PatienceChapter 03….. AnxietyChapter 04….. DesperationChapter 05….. Planning and Goal SettingChapter 06….. Losing FocusChapter 07….. KnowledgeChapter 08….. ProductsChapter 09….. InformationChapter 10….. Understanding TargetsChapter 11….. Commitment and PersistenceChapter 12….. OverwhelmedChapter 13….. The Way You ThinkChapter 14….. OriginalityChapter 15….. List BuildingChapter 16….. FollowingChapter 17….. QuittingConclusion…. ConclusionIn a nutshell, Stop Internet Marketing Without A Parachute is: A No Bullshit publication, that is not fluffed with a bunch of empty promises and high ass hopes.Anyway, ta ta for now.Stoney