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Birth Of A Unicorn And Other Stories Sandra Bell Kirchman

Birth Of A Unicorn And Other Stories

Sandra Bell Kirchman

Published 2010
162 pages
Enter the sum

 About the Book 

Some fantastic stories in this book. A couple that didnt really work for me.Birth of a Unicorn (Sandra Bell Kirchman): A few copyediting errors and some word choices I wouldnt have made. A good story, not necessarily told as well as I would have liked.Pearls and Bone (Stephanie Ciofalo): Excellent story. Noticed some typesetting issues with smart quotes and backwards apostrophes. The writing was strong, maybe a little less description than I would have liked, but very good overall.I Promise (Eric Esteb): This one felt like the beginning of a longer story, but it worked. I felt a bit like there was too much skimming, though that could just be my ADHD talking, because I have a habit of skipping over long passages of description and stuff like that. (Probably explains why I rarely have a good sense of what characters look like.) Anyway, I definitely liked this one!Beloved Enemy (Steven Watts): This one fell a little flat for me. The love story is very superficial. The characters, especially the barbarians, arent fleshed out enough. There is no reason given for the battle. Overall, its missing some development that would have made it a much better story.The Iron Falchion (Brian Tuomi): This was a really good story. The characters were well-developed, and I felt like the world was also well-developed - the mythology, the magic, the relationships. A few things left unanswered, but it still felt like a complete story and not just a beginning or middle. And Im not just saying that because I know the author. -)A Wish in Time (Merrianna Mutton): I liked the approach here- different from the usual and enjoyable. I liked the realizations about the story and so on, as well.Magic is Not Always the Answer (Suzette Marie Lydick): This was such a sweet story! Short and cute and lovely. I actually told my husband about this one, I liked it so much!Kinship (Stephanie Ciofalo): A cute story. The ending was a little... Facile, I think. But well-drawn characters and a good plot until then!Tier (Joshua Kurtz): That story made me laugh. Fantastic! I thought it could use a bit more characterization, but overall it was great!The Soldiers Last Story (Merrianna Mutton): A story well-written in the fashion one might use when telling a tale - which this was meant to be. So while I would have liked more details in a few places, I understand why they are not there an I appreciate it as-is.The Death of the Dragon (Brian Tuomi): A sweet tale about the end of life. Dragons arent so different from humans, turns out. A few choices in phrasing that I probably wouldnt have made, but thats not a big deal really.Old Stories for New (Eric Esteb): Great finale! A dragon...? And a girl...? Who knows, really? But its magic, and thats the point.