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Spellbound (The Ghosts of Ravencrest Book 8) Tamara Thorne

Spellbound (The Ghosts of Ravencrest Book 8)

Tamara Thorne

Kindle Edition
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 About the Book 

The Ghosts of Ravencrest #8: SpellboundDark SecretsFrom her very first night in the grand old mansion, Belinda has been haunted - plagued by vivid nightmares and erotic visitations from Ravencrest’s long-ago inhabitants. After learning more about the mansion’s history and coming face to face with its escalating terrors, she becomes increasingly convinced that her purpose at Ravencrest goes deeper than her duties as governess. As the horror mounts and the mysteries unravel, she begins a mission to uncover the truth about the ghosts of Ravencrest … and what they want from her.The Ghosts of RavencrestIn Spellbound, the climactic final episode of Volume One of The Ravencrest Saga, Belinda not only becomes more intimate with her handsome employer, Eric Manning, but she must survive the most terrifying moments of her life as she, along with her friend the mysterious butler, Grant Phister, delve into the centuries-old murder of Prudence Manning. From an encounter with something long dead in the indoor pool, to the Harlequin, the witch, and Faith, Hope, and Charity, the bloody trio of spectral nuns, Belinda is up against tremendous odds as she and Grant struggle to solve the mystery of a little girl’s imprisonment in the old east wing.