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Isirdor Konstantin: Vulpirians: Book One Kathryne Elizabeth

Isirdor Konstantin: Vulpirians: Book One

Kathryne Elizabeth

Published October 3rd 2013
ISBN : 9781475988826
372 pages
Enter the sum

 About the Book 

ISIRDOR KONSTANTIN, the eons-old king of the planet Valdruka, is bored with his wife as well as his entertainment-young human girls-until destiny finally draws him to Alyna. Overcome by his instinctual urges, the anti-hero claims what he feels is rightfully his. But after hes had a taste of Alyna, he begins to develop emotions hes never felt in his millions of years of existence. What is this power that she holds over him, the conqueror of planets? Alyna, a mere human girl fresh from her academy graduation, is powerless to stop the kings advances- at least she would be, if she wanted to. But she feels inexplicably drawn to him as well, wants him-even needs him-in the most literal way: Alynas body undergoes great flashes of pain and sexual heat if not relieved by Isirdor. She realizes that her body has become dependent on his, so much so that if she dies, he will too. When a human resistance movement from the ruined Earth infiltrates Isirdors castle and discovers his new weakness for Alyna, they will stop at nothing to exploit it. Alyna must decide once and for all where her allegiances lie.