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Classic Desserts: Eagle Brand Sweetened Condensed Milk Eagle Brand

Classic Desserts: Eagle Brand Sweetened Condensed Milk

Eagle Brand

Published April 1st 1989
ISBN : 9780881765328
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 About the Book 

Ive had this book for over a quarter of a century, since I was still living in my mothers house. A review of it is long overdue.I started using it to test my then fledgling baking skills on my family only to have them complain that everything made with the condensed milk tasted of that ingredient.Well. So I stopped using the recipe book--for them. But I have a sweet tooth and other people liked my cookies and bars. So Id occasionally dip into it when I had a spare moment. I like condensed milk: its heaviness, the fact that it has only two ingredients (milk and sugar), its decided sweetness, its versatility. Yes, many of the desserts taste of the condensed milk but complaining about it is like complaining about the chocolate flavor of Black Forest Cake.Its been one of the books Ive used repeatedly so often that its suffered considerable damage through wear and tear. The book has a spiral cover and both the front and back of it have become separated from the pages so that it has to be bound together with a rubberband after each use. Some of the pages are speckled with foodstuff (luckily none of them stick together). There are notes scribbled in the margins (another way paper books beat Kindle- Im betting that technology doesnt allow for marginalia!). Some day Im going to have to replace it with a new copy but until then it remains a dearly cherished book.