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His Need (By His Command, #2) Ana W. Fawkes

His Need (By His Command, #2)

Ana W. Fawkes

Kindle Edition
53 pages
Enter the sum

 About the Book 

Isabella Grace awakes on board billionaire Jonathan Blacks private jet, destined for the west coast. When she cant separate her hands, she realizes that he has handcuffed her and she has to earn her way out of them.Once they land, Isabella learns that Jonathan has arranged for separate transportation while he tends to business matters. However, after an almost deadly encounter with one of Mr. Blacks enemies, Isabella questions her trust for the dominant CEO. Because of her doubts, she is blindfolded and then handcuffed to a chair.She must now prove her trust to Jonathan Black in order to earn his... but even under his control and command, there is no guarantee that she is protected from his dangerous past...